Injury of Geno Atkins led to Cincinnati Bengal’s Loss Against Miami Dolphins

Author: Jeremy

Geno Atkins, the reputed defense of Cincinnati Bengals, is certainly an important and dominant defensive player of the side who has shown lot of promise in all matches during the last two concluding seasons. However, during this season the greatest defense of Cincinnati Bengals suffered massive injury during the match against Miami Dolphins, where they lost the game by 22-20 overtime loss.

The injury for Geno Atkins has turned out to be a major concern for the team and critics are also apprehensive of his return for the remaining matches of the championship. This would also trigger massive reshuffling in the betting quarters of NFL. The championship triggers high enthusiasm among fans across the world and even turns out to be a favorite for bettors who try to change their luck throughout the season. Players even take the opportunity to resort in shopping for NFL luggage and select extensive protective gears to act prudently on the field.

In the last match against Miami Dolphins on Thursday night, Atkins left the field with injury on his right knee. According to Michael Silver, a columnist for NFL media reported that there are signs of tear in right ACL of Atkins, However, a further medical examination would reveal the nature of injury.

Thursday’s match witnessed Atkins lying on the ground for extended period after injury. His teammates helped in off the ground. The player was even escorted to the locker room on a cart.

According to an insider, Atkins would undergo an MRI scan on Friday that would confirm the grievous nature of the injury. Sources from the team also mentioned that there is no dearth of great defensive player in the team. However, Atkins is definitely not comparable to them.
In another match, Bengals suffered another setback when Giovani Benard was injured during the fourth quarter. He did not resume the match, although he was seen to join the sidelines.

Honest Betting Sites – A Knowledgeable Online Punter Is A Winning Online Punter

Author: Jeremy

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Deserving Victory for Porto against the Dynamos

Author: Jeremy

FC Porto started their group match with a winning note against Dynamo Kyiv. The last score was 3:2.The match was very vital for the Porto football club. Now they are qualified for the knock out stage of this European League. Porto is one of the tough sides in this tournament.

The players who scored goals for Porto are Silvestre Varela and Jackson Martinez. Jackson Martinez was the star of the day. He scored two goals consecutively and twice gave the team lead. The goal scorers for the Dynamos are Oleh Gusev and Ideye Brown. They played exceptionally well but failed to restrict themselves in a winning position.

According to the statistics both the teams played equally well. Many goal opportunities were missed by the Dynamos. Three players were penalized by the yellow card for Dynamo in this match. The Dynamos tried to hit the target more than the Porto, but failed to score more than Porto.

At the end of the match the assistant coach of Porto, Olexiy Mykhaylichenko said that it was some individual mistakes which costed the loss of the entire team. Their position in this league is not good, but it is not over yet. Dynamos have three games left, and they will try to do their best in the remaining matches.

Jackson Martinez, the hero of that day said that the game was not so easy but it is very good to score goals in the UEFA Champions League. Doing it and earning victory is really very sweet and great.

Two teams tried their best in the first half. But during the second half The Dynamos was a bit rusty which affected the final result. But both the goals scored by the Dynamos were very beautiful to watch. Jackson Martinez was rewarded the man of the match title for his two goals.

The Dynamo players tried hard to restrict Porto, but everything failed, because of the absence of unity in the team. Both the teams have qualified for the next round in this tournament. Many Dynamo Supporters were upset due to the loss the team.

There will be another match between these two teams on 6th November 2012.This will be a real challenge for both the teams especially for the Dynamos. It will be their real chance to take the revenge against the Porto football club. Also on the other hand Porto will try to maintain their winning note against the Dynamos.